Retificação - Edital DPG/UnB Nº0012/2022 - Missão de Trabalho





Call 41/2017 – CAPES/PrInt

Main Goal – To promote the ongoing development of high-level researchers and professionals working in the development of science, technology, and/or innovation to address the complex contemporary issues emerging in local and global contexts. In line with the UnB Internationalization Plan, this project proposes a range of multi- and interdisciplinary research to be done in international partnerships and by high-level research groups at UnB, reinforcing the university’s vocation and promoting integration between different areas of knowledge and local and global actors in the field of science. One overarching research question to be addressed in this project is the rapid transformation of Planet Earth in different dimensions – geological, ecological, socio-cultural, political, and economic. Some of these transformations trigger crises (e.g., environmental disasters, epidemics, deepening inequality, starvation, intolerance) and call for the formulation of innovative (theoretical and practical) solutions, which should consider the challenges of development and sustainability for life on Earth today and into the future. Six priority themes have been selected to address this overarching issue, organized into two main areas: Branch I – Transformations underway, focusing on research devoted to understanding natural and human transformations on the planet, covering three priority themes: 1. Natural and Human Dynamics Affecting the Planet; 2. Inequality, Globalization, and their Effects on Contemporary Society; 3. Life and Health in a Changing World; Branch II  – Necessary transformations, based on science, technology, and social practices, to respond to the challenges of development and sustainability, encompassing the other three priority themes: 4. S&T for Development and Sustainability; 5. Diversity, Social Practices, and Affirmation of Rights; and 6. Contemporary Urban Issues: social dynamics, development, and innovation.